• Justin Emery

Sundays on the Lake: Episode 1

If you haven't figured out by what I have said on the podcast, this website, social media, and the places that I review, I live in Las Vegas, NV. The summers are hot, super hot and Lake Mead is a smooth 40 minute drive away. Whenever I go to the lake I am going to grab a variety six pack and sample them and leave the reviews here. The Fat Tire and Sierra Nevada pictures got taken after I got back home because I didn't wear sun screen and got burnt and had to get tf outta there.

Beer 1: White Ale by Saint Archer Brewing Company

I've been wanting to try this for a while now. It was decent, a little bland tasting to be honest, but a smooth beer you can drink on the beach all afternoon.

Beer 2: Great White Beer by Lost Coast Brewery

No, don't waste your time, I took like four sips and then poured the rest out into the sand.

Beer 3: White by Alaska Brewing Company

Solid, it was flavorful, smooth, and easy to drink. It was everything that I was kinda hoping the Saint Archer would have been. I can see myself being a repeat drinker of this in the future.

Beer 4: Longboard Island Lager by Kona Brewing

I'm a big fan of some of Kona's other offerings so I decided to give the Longboard a chance. It was a good beer as is expected from Kona but not really my preferred style I will stick to the Big Wave.

Beer 5: Summer Fest by Sierra Nevada

I haven't really had too many Sierra Nevada beers prior to this and the ones that I did have I didn't like and this one doesn't change that. It doesn't really have much of a taste while you're drinking it but it has an odd after taste and is probably better off left in the cooler at the store. Not as bad as the Great White Beer though, I atleast finished this one.

Beer 6: Fat Tire Belgium White by New Belgium Brewing

I've had their amber ale and obviously I am a fan of witbier styles so I figured I would round it out with this one. Yes. Yes x 1,000. I liked it, it was my favorite of this 6 pack by far. It reminded me of a lighter version of Blue Moon.


  1. Fat Tire Belgium White

  2. White

  3. Longboard Island Lager

  4. White Ale

  5. Summerfest

  6. Great White Beer