• Justin Emery

Burger Review: Old School Burger (Willow Grove Location)

Disclaimer: The bun was so soft I damaged it getting the picture, it did not come like that.

I know I had said that I was going to retire from writing but I had a burger today that was so good I just had to give them some recognition and away we go!

That place Old School Burger, I went to their Willow Grove location but according to their website (https://oldschoolburger.net/) they have a location in Ambler as well.


I have actually been here once years ago but forgot how great it was apparently. It was a tad on the expensive side for a burger but I always say if you do something good don't to it for cheap. I went with the tombstone burger and woody allen fries, here are the descriptions for them from the website:

Tombstone Our classic cheeseburger topped with bacon, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, grilled onions and thinly shaved dill pickle slices.

Woody Allen Served with our white cheddar cheese sauce, homemade Coney sauce and diced onions

Burger: 4.5/5

Phenomenal, you can tell the freshness of the meat the moment you bite into the burger. Juicy meat, just the right amount of BBQ sauce to where it wasn't super messy it really hit the spot.

Bun: 3/5

Nothing fancy, the bun was a standard burger bun you'd get at your typical place almost anywhere.

Toppings: 4.5/5

All of it was off the charts; bacon? Let's go. grilled onions? Sign me up bro. Pickles? Better be. Sweet Baby Rays? Roll up a mf'n IV of that for me.

Side: 3.5/5

As I have mentioned before I am preferential to onion rings which they unfortunately did not have. The fries weren't bad but the toppings on them were solid. It should be noted if I could take a monthly bath in Coney sauce I probably would.