• Justin Emery

Burger Review: Barcode Burger Bar


Barcode Burger Bar is the first burger in Vegas from the infamous tweet that I have decided to try. I saw the pics on their social media pages and decided I needed that in my life. It was a great burger and understandable why they have won awards and numerous people suggested it, I will probably be a repeat customer. My biggest knock against them though is portion size of the burger. If I am coming to a burger bar and get a burger especially the burger that is named after said burger bar I should be driving home so full that I hate myself, not trying to figure out how many Popeyes spicy chicken sandwiches I should grab.

For the review I got the namesake Barcode Burger: house burger blend, onion jam, bacon aioli, pickled red onion, peppers, bleu cheese butter, arugula, on a brioche bun.

Burger: 4.5/5

The meat was amazing, the best part of this burger. Juicy, well seasoned, savory, and thick it was only slightly smaller than a hockey puck.

Bun: 3/5

The bun was a typical brioche bun, nothing fancy. Held together well given the amount of toppings but there was nothing special about the way it tasted.

Toppings: 3.5/5

I HATE bleu cheese hate hate hattttttteeeeee bleu cheese but for the sake of these reviews I am not altering any ingredients for my personal preference, everything will be consumed as the chef envisioned it be. Arugula is arugula and peppers are peppers, both were fresh. Pickled red onions were spot on, I could probably eat them out of a bowl with a fork and spoon. Honestly didn't really taste the onion jam, it was on the burger I could see it but it was overwhelmed by the other sauces on it. Bacon aioli was fantastic I actually could have used a little more of it on there it was that good. The bleu cheese butter was very overpowering and took away from some of the other flavors. Personally I would order it without the butter in the future and it would probably take this rating up atleast another half a point if not more.

Side: 3/5

I lied about not changing anything for personal preference, I will always take onion rings over anything else that is offered if it is available. They do not offer onion rings so I went with french fries and they were solid; hot, salty, and crispy, everything you'd want in a fry but not necessarily flavorful. They also give you a TON of fries.