• Justin Emery

Burger Review: Abbey Burger Bistro

*Disclaimer: Photo is from their website, NOT of the actual burger I had. Forgot to take a picture while I was there.


I try not to use superlatives when comparing things, however I can say that Abbey Burger Bistro has the best burger I have ever had in my life. I was heartbroken when it was finished despite having a full stomach. Fresh ground, juicy burgers, fresh toppings, and delicious buns I make sure to stop by Abbey Burger every single time I am in Baltimore. They have a wide variety of burger selections on their menu but I recommend doing the build your own burger. They hand you a list of everything they offer from different proteins, toppings, cheeses, buns, and sides so you can add as much or little as you choose. Everyone goes to Baltimore for their seafood, and rightfully so, but I say to go for Abbey Burger.

For the review I got the build your own burger: a turkey burger with pepper jack cheese, habanero pickles, bacon, lettuce, and onions on a brioche bun with onion rings on the side.

Burger: 6/5

I am a huge fan of turkey burgers. This was the best turkey patty I have ever had. Savory, juicy, and perfectly seasoned it danced around my taste buds making me crave it more and more with each bite.

Bun: 6/5

I usually get a lettuce bun but in honor of the review I got their buttery brioche bun which was just like the rest of the burger, perfect. It held up and did not fall apart under the abundance of food placed upon it.

Toppings: 6/5

Every topping imaginable and then some, but what really sets them apart is the spicy habanero pickle which is absolutely phenomenal.

Side: 6/5

They have some of the biggest, fattest onion rings I have ever stuffed into my face. Light, crispy coating on the outside and not dripping in grease. The perfect side for the perfect burger.

Total: 24/20