• Justin Emery

Brewery Review: Chicago Brewing Company

*Disclaimer: I regularly hit Chicago Brewing but this is based upon my June 5th visit.


Chicago Brewing is a hidden gem on the west side of the valley. Roughly a 15-20 minute drive from the strip it is truly built as a place for Vegas locals to come and hang out, drink, eat, and watch VGK games. Personally I am not crazy about their beer, its drinkable, but nothing special. They have received several prestigious awards over the years so they obviously know what they're doing its just not for my palate. Kitchen is top notch and serves the full menu 24/7. You can't really go wrong with anything so order with confidence regardless of what it is.

Beer: 2/5

Meh, unfortunately their in house beer is underwhelming. They don't have the largest selection of their own brew either which hurts their scoring a little bit. They've won several awards over the years but it just doesn't resonate with my taste buds.

Food: 4.5/5

Everything that comes out of this kitchen is top notch. My favorite thing to get is the chicken caesar wrap, it is totally on point every single time. Second favorite item is the cheese steak, not the best cheese steak in Vegas (more on that later) but a damn good sandwich nonetheless. Pizza and quesadillas are fantastic as well. They serve breakfast 24 hours which is a huge plus and I highly recommend the breakfast burrito.

Atmosphere: 4/5

They have three separate bars and an outdoor seating area.

Bar area 1:

  • Downstairs

  • Non smoking

  • Considered the "main bar"

  • Nice sized seating area

  • Long L shaped bar

  • Access to the outside seating area

Bar area 2:

  • Downstairs

  • Smoking

  • Bar top poker machines

  • Small seating area

  • Long wrap around bar

  • Access to upstairs cigar lounge

Bar area 3:

  • Upstairs Cigar lounge/Sports Bar

  • This place gets wild during VGK hockey games, definitely one of the best places for Knights fans to catch a game. Say what's up to Dad behind the bar.

Parking: 3/5

Chicago is a stand alone building located in a large strip mall, they have a small section of the lot to themselves but overall parking shouldn't ever be a problem.

Location: 4.5/5

This place is truly a hidden gem. Located 7.5 miles from the famous Las Vegas strip Chicago Brewing is a place that is designed for the locals nicely situated in the Summerlin section on the west side of the valley.

Total: 18/25