• Justin Emery

5 Wild Sports Stories from the Last 50 Years.

Sometimes you hear stories in sports that you think "There is no way that is true" only to have your mind blown. Here are some stories that couldn't be made up if they tried.

TwitterGate: Bryan Colangelo and the Burner Accounts

May 29, 2018

I'll never forget where I was then that Ringer article dropped, I was producing an episode of the 4th and Jawn podcast when a headline caught my eye "The Curious Case of Bryan Colangelo and the Secret Twitter Account." Alright, you got my interest, it can't possibly be true, can it? A GM of an NBA team, my favorite team, using burner twitter accounts to bash star players, the fans, and organizational ideas has got to be something from a movie. As I scroll through the article (which was much longer than anticipated) I begin to realize that this could be legit. And it was. About two weeks later Colangelo resigns from his position with the team after a computer forensics team discovered it was his wife who was managing the accounts. Wild.

Manti Te'o and the Fake Girlfriend Hoax

January 16, 2013

In 2012 Manti Te'o was a star linebacker leading the famed Notre Dame football program on its way to a National Championship appearance. Despite being on a path to the NFL Te'o was like every other college kid and was involved with online dating. I'm going to sum it up quickly because the full scam lasted years but basically Te'o was catfished by someone online into thinking he was in a relationship with this girl. In September 2012 after his grandmother died he got a call from his "girlfriend's brother" saying that she too had passed away. Te'o makes mention of all of this in a post game interview that garnered national headlines. Later Te'o receives a call from his "girlfriend" saying that she is not dead and she will reveal everything soon. Turns out its this big huge scam and the catfisher has done this to other people too, just nobody with as big a name as Te'o. It is bad enough to show up to a bar and the girl from Tinder is 27 but using a photo from her sophomore year of college. It is completely different to get played by someone who isn't even real in the national spotlight.

Dock Ellis Throws No Hitter on LSD

June 12, 1970

Dock Ellis is getting advice while strolling out to the mound to start an MLB game, except that it isn't his pitching coach talking to him, its Scooby-Doo and they're listening to the Jackson 5. Why? Because Ellis is tripping balls on LSD. Yes, you read that right Dock Ellis threw a no hitter in an MLB game while high as a kite. There are 303 no hitters in MLB history but only 1 (known) no hitter thrown on a psychedelic so salute to you Mr. Ellis.

OJ Simpson's Bronco Chase

June 17, 1994

I was just a kid when this happened and it wouldn't be until years later when I grew up and read about it that I could begin to grasp the impact of this. Sports, culture, fame, at the time OJ Simpson was one of the most famous people in the country and to think about the NBA Finals getting shelved on TV in a time when people couldn't watch the feed on their phone or computer is fascinating.

Tiger Woods Infidelity

November 27, 2009

Tiger Woods was untouchable as an athlete. If he had the red Nike polo on to start Sunday morning you knew he was going to win the tournament. It was almost eerie how truly dominating Woods was at golf, like nobody should be THAT dominant over the rest of their contemporaries. That all came crashing down when it was revealed that he liked to get busy at the country club clubhouses with several mistresses behind his wife's back. Nobody could have fathomed the level of cheating that Woods was doing until he came clean about it, and honestly I'm not even sure if he still has told everything. His transgressions have cost shareholders of his sponsors between $5-12B as fallout from this. Tiger is the GOAT golfer in my opinion but definitely not the GOAT husband.